How to Train Millennials to Lead the Next Generation

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Free eBook- Training Millennials to lead The Next Generation
Millennials are very pragmatic. They want to work on things that matter. If you want to irritate a Millennial, just show them some training slides that are all theory and hard to apply to their jobs. You’ll hear comments like, “This doesn’t help me.” In a reality, they are correct.

Action Learning Your CEO Will Love!

Free eBook: Energetic Action Learning Your CEO Will Love
This free eBook has tips, tricks, and approached on how to create action learning your CEO will love. Click the image to download. Read More...

Business Simulation for Succession Planning

Business Simulation eBook: Business Simulations for Succession Planning?
This eBook will try to look at the idea of using a business simulation or game for succession planning. Enjoy! Read More...

Business Simulations and Serious Games

Business Simulations and Serious Games- What’s the Difference eBook:
This eBook will try to look at business simulations vs. serious games. Is there really a difference? Which one is used when, and what are companies using internally today. This eBook will try to de-mystify the difference between these two solutions. We’ll give you a hint: They are almost the same. Read More...

Why Use A Business Simulation in Leadership Development eBook

Why Use a Business Simulation in Leadership Development eBook:
This eBook looks at some of the research, effects and reasons to use a custom business training simulation within your leadership development program. The topics covered are: Why use a leadership simulation, today’s learning styles, adult learning styles, and how business simulations help all this. Enjoy! Click the book cover to view. Read More...

An Introduction To Business Training Simulations eBook

An Introduction to Business Training Simulations eBook:
This brief eBook is a brief introduction to the three primary types of business training simulations that are used for corporate training and development. You will learn about various types of training simulations and where each simulation fits within corporate training and development programs. Additional learning resources are also suggested.

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