Business Acumen vs. Financial Acumen vs. Leadership Development

Welcome to fall! I know it's been a while, but we've been very busy this season. But don't despair! We'll open the season with a new infographic!

Your customers probably often say, "My managers need more business acumen training." The problem here is that they probably don't really know what they are asking for. Business Acumen means many different things to many different people and this is more than likely best case scenario. We see and conduct a lot of Business Acumen training. In most cases, this is within an advanced Leadership Development program where we use Business Simulations as a reinforcement tool. I decided it might be helpful to visually represent how we see Business Acumen, Financial Acumen, and Leadership Development. So, without any further delay:

Business Acumen, Financial Acumen, and Leadership Development Described:

Business Acumen-Financial Acumen-or-Leadership Development-Screen
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- SimStudios Team

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