New Solution Offering: Tailored Business Simulations

Have you ever wanted the power of a custom business simulation, but didn't want the complexity or time of building one from scratch? Have you thought to yourself, "I really want to use my leadership model, but don't want the expense and time of a custom solution?" Great! Here's a potential solution for you. Have you looked at a Tailored Business simulation instead of a Custom Business Simulation? If not, it might be worth a look.

Should I go Tailored Business Simulation or Custom Business Simulation?
Let's start by looking at a simple graphic that outlines some of the difference:

Even though this is a generalization, it might help give you a general idea. You should look at a tailored business simulation if any of the following occur:
- Limited Budget
- No Need For Licensing
- Quick Turnaround
- Still Use Your Leadership Tools

If this is something that is interesting, you should drop us an note and we can help guide you through the what, what not's, and how's. Happy to answer any questions.

Hope this helps! Let us know what you think.