Article: 5 Skills to Develop in the Modern Leader

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We live in a fast-paced world propelled by constant technology-driven transformation. Coupled with an acceleration of baby boomer retirement, executive leadership is under more pressure than ever to adapt to change. Leadership may be the most important skill in the corporate world, as well as the hardest to source. At the same time, the definition of leadership is clearly broadening. Digital technologies and modern business models have disrupted almost every aspect of business. Industry leaders need an entirely different set of skills and capabilities, which calls for a new definition of leadership.



Brandon Hall 'Best Advance in Leadership Simulation Tools' Award Winner!

Hogan Lovells and Simulation Studios Win Brandon Hall's 'Best Advance in Leadership Simulation Tools' Award

The most important idea to convey here is that most of the credit should go to Hogan Lovells. This is a project we worked on together, but Heather Bock and Michelle Nash from the global law firm of Hogan Lovells are the ones who really made this a sensational solution. Their creativity, energy, and expertise make partnering a joy. They're also the ones who entered into this content. As you probably know, we don't focus very much on entering contests such as these (maybe we should more?). Instead, we focus all our energy on partnering with great people like Heather and Michelle. This is why we don't have sales or marketing staff. We only have production people.

This award is fun and exciting! Huge congratulations to Hogan Lovells! This must be a first for a law firm.