Entrepreneur Article: 4 Steps to Build Strategically Critical Leadership-Development Programs


By Bill Hall: Your business is growing and hiring people at an amazing rate. Customers love your product, and it’s gaining greater and greater attention. At the same time, you’ve noticed yourself growing ever more nervous about the byproducts of this success: Increased competitive pressure and employee fragmentation. In fact, these two realities have you concerned whether you can effectively sustain this level of success.

As we all know, success is like blood in shark-infested waters: It creates competition at an amazing rate. To fend off competition, many companies expand within the market faster than others, gaining a larger foothold and raising the barriers to entry. In many cases, this works. But such rapid growth creates an employee base with widely varying skills and focus. As a result, the company’s strategic alignment looks like a spilled package of dried spaghetti. Employees are pointing in an infinite number of directions.

The good news is that with some thought, planning and competent guidance, you can turn this challenge into a killer weapon. Imagine the power of a shared focus, with all workers aligned behind the company's direction and execution plan. It's very possible. And it starts with effective leadership and corporate training. You can use four core steps to build a strategically critical leadership-development program within your growing company.

Step 1: Task your HR head to build a program around strategic outcomes.
To begin, you'll need to work with Human Resources to assemble a program that focuses on accelerating strategic execution. It all starts with effective leadership development. Move a step or two down the organization chart, and you’ll quickly see managers who have a foggy idea of your company's strategy and what it will take to execute it.

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