Thank You To Wonderful Providers!

I thought it would be nice to recognize the invisible partners we work with to keep us building world-class business simulations. Without these wonderful providers, we would be dead in the water. So often, all of us and all companies work with others that keep us going. But these providers are rarely recognized. We have two that we'd like to highlight and thank:

Fantastic Providers of Business Class Internet Communication- eMail, Calendaring, Syncing, Contact Management, etc: GetSync'd
I don't have a single bad thing to say about GetSyn'd. We've used them for years and we have never had a single moment of downtime. They create real time email, calendar, and contact management joy! All our devices, computers, and web based solutions are all 100% in sync at all times. Best of all, if we have a question, we pickup the phone and someone answers. No phone trees, we talk to a person who can take care of anything right then and there. We had a choice to go with Microsoft 365 and after very thorough analysis, GetSync'd simply blew Microsoft out of the water. It was simply incomparable. Our Fortune 500 customers rely on us to be on top of things, and thanks to GetSync'd we are always on. Thank you GetSyn'd!

Internet Hosting Providers- Web site hosting and site management: Chillidoghosting
Its always seemed to us like web site hosting providers are rarely thanked. We'd like to stop and say 'Thank you' to Chillidog. They're services are all inclusive, yet very easy to work with. They have the latest technology available that is effective without stuff that is just gimmicky. They're interface is easy to navigate and use. Best of all, when we decide to demonstrate our ignorance with a hosting related question, we simply chat with them and they are always available with a smile. Try to do this with a large host provider! No way! Not only do they fix the problem, they'll recommend outside resources to do what we're doing, but do it better. They are terrific. Thank you Chillidog Web Hosting.

Both of these companies are small, but can handle the largest of setups. It's a real pleasure working with small providers because there is no red tape, the service is often world-class, and the attention is high.

Thank you for keeping us working on what's most important: Customer Business Simulations.