Business Simulation for Sales Training or Sales Conferences

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We've seen quite the uptick in companies using business simulations for sales training and/or within sales conferences. These sales training simulations are a lot of fun and very educational for the sales managers. What happens in many cases is that the head of sales wants to introduce their sales force to the challenges above or across from their position. Doing so gives sales managers a far wider perspective of what it's like to manage a sales team or company.

Three Components to a Successful Sales Training Simulation

1. Competitive business simulation is preferred - A competitive sales training simulation aligns with the position of a sales manager. This makes the game relevant and real.
2. Ensure you have the customer needs- As a sales manager, you're often focused on quota. Don't forget to integrate a strong focus on meeting customers needs and demonstrating why this is important.
3. Have fun! A sales training simulation should have a spirit of competitive fun. If it's serious and boring, sales managers will probably disengage.

Sales training simulations are a great use of time at a sales conference. Utilizing a business simulation can make the content of the conference relevant and unforgettable. It will be the part of the conference participants won't forget.

Hope this helps!