Business Training Simulations for Leadership Development

Once again, it's been too long. We've simply had too much work than we can handle. Sorry! The good news is that we've just hired 3 people to help work on things. Thanks for your patience. Ok, the topic of the day:

Business Training Simulation for Leadership Development Overview

Isn't this a leadership development simulation you might ask? Well, yes it is. But there seems to be a misunderstanding about what/when/where/how. Let's take a look.

First, the definition: A leadership development simulation is simply a business simulation that has been customized to a specific leadership development program. This includes utilizing specific leadership competency and tools. In many cases, these business training simulations will have a business portion of the simulation as well. There has to be a business to use the leadership tools, right?

These tools are traditionally used within corporate leadership development programs. In some cases, they might be used for strategy training. Why? Because there is traditionally a large people component of business strategy. While we're talking about tools, business simulations are often used to help people learn HR people development tools such as assessment and more. Business training simulations for leadership development is a great development tool to get people up and running quickly using your models andor tools.

You'll start to see more and longer posts once we get the people up to speed.

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