Entrepreneur Article: High-Tech Startups Need to Ditch the 'Engineers Rule'


By Bill Hall: The high-tech startup world is leaning a bit toward the overly hubris. I'm well aware it's a little controversial to discuss in public. I come from many years in Silicon Valley and currently run a high-tech software and services company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I see and read about this issue every day.

And ladies and gents, it's out of control.

The latest news about discrimination may be new to many, but it's old to insiders. I can tell you from firsthand experience that this mindset doesn't begin or end with gender. It's rampant in the realms of age and job functions as well. If you're starting a company, you must understand that engineering does not rule the organization -- the organizational team does.

Does your 'About Us' send the wrong message?
I read a lot of job descriptions and "About Us" summaries to stay current with employment and company trends. Over the past few years, I’ve seen an alarming amount of “Engineer First Company,” “Engineers Rule” and “Engineering-Centric Organization” language. This perspective is as arrogant as it is short-term. Yes, it might be fun, disruptive and edgy. It's also a sure recipe for failure.

A quick look at some basic marketing history proves the point:

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