Tailored or Custom Business Simulation?


Should I Go with Tailored or Custom Business Simulation?

This is a great question! But like always, it depends. As a general rule, the more budget you have to spend on a simulation, the better it's going to align with your training content and corporate development goals. But, there is a point where you only have so much to spend.

3 Reasons To Use a Tailored Business Simulation:

1. Limited Budget- If you're on a limited budget, tailored simulations are a great way to get into the world of very aligned, engaging, and applicable training programs.
2. Off the Shelf or Canned Business Simulation Just Don't Fit - In many cases, a canned solution just doesn't do the trick. Its hard to extract what is going on with your corporate development from a generic business that sells widgets. A tailored simulation removes this problem from the world of business simulations and corporate development.
3. Limited Time- You can bring a tailored simulation from concept to training in much less time than a custom business simulation

3 Reasons To Use a reasons to use a Custom Business Simulation:

1. Complex Integration of Corporate Strategy and Corporate Development Goals - When you are looking to combine corporate strategy with business acumen with leadership development, a custom business simulation is pretty much required.
2. Large Organization With A Deep Need For Effective Leadership - When you have a large roll out of a very complex initiative around leadership development, a leadership development simulation is pretty essential.
3. Highly Complex Business or Organization - If you are in a large complex multi-product global organization, a custom business simulation is probably going to be required to simulate your company’s solution and process.

So, in summary, it comes down to price and complexity. If you have a limited budget, it's a no brainer, go tailored. If you have complex needs within a complex organization, again, no brainer... go custom.

Hope this helps!