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Does your talent pipeline have the business acumen and leadership skills needed to lead? Give tomorrow's leaders hands-on practice running your entire organization. They'll be exposed to finance, marketing, operations, accounting, strategy, leadership, and a lot more. Through experiential learning, tomorrow's leaders can prepare to lead today.

Management will live a day as your CEO®.

Succession Planning For The Digital Age

Take development succession planning head-on using state-of-the-art business simulations. Immerse managers in a day as a real leader. Succession planning has many facets. One of the greatest challenges is skills development. Business simulation based leader development is tomorrow's way to development future leaders today.

Business Simulations for succession planning.

Change Management and Succession Planning Solution Process

Strategy Acceleration Process

Business Simulations for Succession Planning

For Leadership Development, Business Acumen, Business Analytics, Innovative Thinking, And More

Skill development is a critical component of succession planning. Often, the best leaders are within your organization. The problem is, they often need more training than they believe.

A SimStudios Simulation will connect topics to business outcomes such as:
  • How to apply leadership models to the business
  • How to effectively shift the strategy of the company
  • How to build and apply business acumen
  • How to reduce business silos fostering teamwork and understand divisional connectivity

Through hands-on leader lead development, tomorrow's leaders will be able to drive your company within the simulation in order to learn the what, why, and how of being a leader. This is skill development succession planning for the digital age.
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Strategy Acceleration Explained

We create a business-simulation workshops tailored to your corporate development needs.

Assessment. Recommendations. Solution Creation.

After you’ve hired SimStudios, the process is straightforward:

- Administrative: We’ll fly through the administrative process.
- Discovery: We’ll partner with you to learn about your company, strategy, and industry.
- Development: We’ll start creating your custom workshop, keeping you in the loop.
- Program Preparation: We’ll work with you to prepare for the workshop.
- Launch: Your managers will compete head-to-head running your company.

We use a detailed 80-page blueprint to work through this process. This allows us to keep the workload off you. SimStudios is a white-glove service focused on amazing results.

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Real Life Case Studies

Publicly Traded Software Company

The Problem: The company develops enterprise software that is sold through a worldwide network of VARs. The company was preparing to launch its cloud offering, but encountered substantial resistance from the VAR community.

The Challenge: After failing to sell the idea to the VARs, the company wanted the VAR owners to experience the advantages of the cloud solution prior to the launch. Buy-in from the VARs was critical.

The Solution: In-person business-simulation workshops enabled the VAR owners to experience firsthand the advantages of the new business model, in addition to the competitive risks if the VARs resisted the cloud solution. After a one-day group simulation experience, the participants understood the why and the how of strategic change.

The results:
Acceptance of the cloud offering among VARs increased by 78%.

- Company is anonymous

Equipment Manufacturer

The Problem: An entirely new executive team was put in place. With the changes came new strategies and new metrics. New changes measuring financial success created uncertainty, resulting in slow adoption.

The Challenge: The executive team decided managers needed a hands-on experience to learn the what, why, and how of the new strategy.

The Solution: Utilizing simulation-based workshops in more than ten countries, managers had the ability to run the company at a high level. Managers could live a day as the CEO in order to understand the reasons behind the changes. Best of all, the executive team was engaged in working hands-on with the global management team. 

The Results: Participant adoption rate went from 12% to 89% in less than a year.

- Company is anonymous

Why Simulation Studios

We guide, not sell. No quotas, no pressure.

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Bill Hall From Simulation Studios

Simulation Studios is Run By Bill Hall

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Bill comes from over 10yrs working at Apple where he worked directly with Steve Jobs on various projects, and was a five-time Apple MVP and Golden Apple award winner. He was an executive at AOL, Nortel, and Skype with P&L and large team responsibilities. Finally, Bill has have been featured in Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Chief Learning Officer, Chief Executive, and elsewhere. Bill is your program and facilitation lead.

Check out his #1 Amazon T&D best seller: Shift: Using Business Simulations and Serious Games.
Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed!
✔ 15+ years of experience in the industry
✔ Experience with small to global Fortune 500 companies
✔ Custom simulations have NO licensing fees
✔ Facilitators have at least 10yrs of actual P&L experience
✔ Exceptionally high track record and high personal attention
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SHRM Certified
✔ Your satisfaction is completely guaranteed!
✔ 15+ years of experience in the industry
✔ Experience with small to global Fortune 500 companies
✔ Custom simulations have NO licensing fees
✔ Facilitators have at least 10yrs of actual P&L experience
✔ Exceptionally high track record and high personal attention
✔ You buy and you keep custom simulations
✔ Proven track record with great references
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