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Business War Games - Strategy Testing Before You Execute

Test Within a Real Marketplace

Business War Games Enables:

✔ Your executives to compete against each other running your strategy: In Real Time!

✔ Test and observe the human emotion side of strategic changes in your industry.

✔ Gain first hand insights into how a human based market place might react to your strategic shifts.

Imagine being able to spend two-days in a business war game exercise where your top managers are competing against each-other running your company and your strategy. This is not theoretical modeling, this is head-2-head business war games at its best!
Business War Games
Business War Games Simulation
Business War Games
Gain real insights into market behavior by unleashing your managers in a two-day business war game to test your corporate strategy.

Here Are Some Highlights:
✔ Gain Years Of Insights In Hours
✔ Create Real Market Pressures That Test Executives
✔ Change Market Conditions At Will
✔ Watch, In Real-Time, How Markets React
✔ Engage Your Managers Around Your Strategy
✔ Live a Day As Your CEO®
✔ And Much More...

Totally Customized To Your Needs
This is not a canned solution with just a few adjustments. This is a customized business war game completely tailored to your organization, strategic needs, and corporate cultures.
State-Of-The-Art Business Simulations
How Will The Market and Managers React?

Some of the positive effects are:

✔ All Employees Heading In The Same Direction
✔ Strategies Get To Market Far Quicker
✔ Less Strategic Stumbling
✔ Greater Corporate Value
✔ More Nimble and Effective Organization
✔ Greater Growth, Greater Value
✔ And Much More...

Join some of the world's top fortune 500 companies who are using a SimStudios Business Simulation For Strategic Alignment Today.
Business War Games Program
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