Welcome to the first Relevant News for "Downtime"

Hope this note finds you happy and healthy. Some interesting articles to have a look at while you're in line, commuting, or taking a break.

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The 10 Habits Of Transformational Leaders

A growing number of companies are looking to hire transformational leaders. These are the people who create positive changes in their employees and companies.
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What Teachers Need To Know About The Science Of Learning--And What They Don't

Lately there’s been a push to acquaint educators with “the science of learning.” But only some aspects of that science actually help teachers do their jobs. Others just waste their time.
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Millennials are skipping the corner office: Here’s what they want instead

The Ladders
For years, the goal for modern professionals has been to reach a corner office by 30. But according to recent research, times have changed.
Studies show a majority of Millennials have no interest in striving toward the number one spot in a company or even becoming top management.
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7 horrible ways to lead a team (and the 1 mistake everyone makes)

The Ladders
Just because you hold a formal position on the ladder does not necessarily mean you are a “leader.” Though many wear this title they are horrible leaders.
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Why Are Your Employees Quitting? The Reason Comes Down to 3 Words (and No, 'Money' Isn't One of Them)

What we've found is that, as important as salaries, bonuses, and perks are for motivating people, the real reason top talent are headed for the exits comes down to three words: Bosses don't care.
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The Painful Truth About Productivity You Need to Hear Today

While being productive feels great, the problem is that many of us associate productivity with completing tasks and activities and convince ourselves that if we are more productive, we are achieving more.

Digital Health

Cell Phone Ergonomics: How To Avoid The "Smart Phone Slump"

By Maryanne Berry Founder of Realign Therapy in San Diego, CA via Breakingmuscle.com
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Abstract: If you are one out of the every five people on this planet who owns a smart phone, now is the time to start thinking twice about looking down at your phone for that quick look.

By the time you are done reading this article (and, please, no slouching while reading) you will be clued in on some actionable tips you can put into practice right now to combat “the smart phone slump,” and eliminate or greatly reduce the pain and problems that come along with it.

Connected and Content: Managing Healthy Technology Use

Published by the American Psychological Association
Abstract: Modern technology has put a world of information at our fingertips. While technology makes our lives easier in many ways, it has also created brand new kinds of stress for the 21st Century.

According to this year’s results from the American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in America™ survey, more than eight in 10 Americans are very attached to their gadgets (81 percent say they are constantly or often connected to at least one device). Eighteen percent of adults identify technology as a very or somewhat significant source of stress, and 20 percent of American adults say technology causes the most stress when it doesn’t work.
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Napping: The Expert's Guide

Published by the Guardian USA
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Abstract: For years, napping has been derided as a sign of laziness. We are "caught" napping or "found asleep at the switch". But lately it has garnered new respect, thanks to scientific evidence that midday dozing benefits both mental acuity and overall health. A slew of recent studies have shown that naps boost alertness, creativity, mood, and productivity in the later hours of the day.