Business Simulation and Gamification Trends

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Now that we're heading into a new year, what are some trends in the world of business simulations, serious games, and business gamfication. Great question, lets look at the top 5.

Top 5 Trends in Business Simulations and Business Gamfication

5. Business Simulations and Business Gamification are becoming more main stream- With the computer generation entering management, business simulations and gamification are being used more than ever. This is especially the case for custom built solution (trend 4).
4. Custom is the New Standard- With the cost of development getting lower and lower, most companies are requiring a custom built business simulation or business gamification solution. Today's learners are used to a high level of customization and this is no different in the world of sims and games.
3. Business Simulation Partners not Business Simulation Vendors- Companies are seeking out more of a partner over just a contract. This is especially the case where the sim provider is on site. The last thing a company wants is a sales person in house. The days of trolling inside a company for more sales are very much frowned upon. A strategic partner is critical.
2. Smaller Sims are More Popular- Companies have clearly learned that larger sims is like buying handcuffs without the keys. Thus, companies are looking for tight and easy to control solutions
1. Full Ownership- Business Simulation solutions where companies have to pay and then rent (licensing fee) are out! This model is leftover from the 90s and companies simply won't stand for it any longer. Pay for it once and use when and how the owner wishes is critical.

Hope this helps and Happy New Year!
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