Resources to Learn About Business Simulations and Serious Games

Hello World!

Does anyone know of any resources to learn more about business simulations and serious games? We've searched Amazon, the web, and even the local library. There really aren't very many out there. We've read a few books that cost upwards of over $100, but they are incredibly theoretical and not very practical from a 'where do we start' position. The reason we ask is that a lot of our customers are asking about a simple guide about business simulations and/or serious games and we just don't have a good place to point them.

Does anyone know of a simple entry level and easy to understand guide to using business simulations and serious games? If you do, please drop us a line. This is something we think people would find valuable. We might try to write an eBook about this. If you have anything you'd like to see covered in the eBook, please let us know. We'll do out best to incorporate it.

Have a super weekend!
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