Business Simulation For HR

Business Simulations for Human Resources

Engaging leaders can be a challenge. Leadership competencies are often laid out in long, multi-page rubrics that are no sooner learned than thrown in the trash. How can you engage your management in leadership training that will have them excited to improve their skills in and outside the office?

Utilizing a custom training simulation addresses this challenge. Simulation Studios creates exciting and applicable business simulations that take executives outside their comfort zone and challenge them to think like leaders. Through the simulation, executives must apply your training content in order to excel or “win” at the simulation. This is adult competitive play at its best!

Apply Your Leadership Model to Your Business

Developing effective leaders is critical to growing your business. You have training content and leadership competency models, but do you have a measurable way for managers to apply those competencies? Is there any way for managers to assess their own leadership skills and areas for growth?

Simulation Studios creates unique leadership simulations customized to your business. In them, managers can apply YOUR leadership development content and see how they stack up. By showing managers a measurement of their leadership through a simulation, they get the opportunity to quickly understand and apply your leadership content to their work. This allows managers to truly understand how to apply leadership competencies and why it’s critical to moving the business forward.

In the simulation, managers will live a day as the CEO. By acting as the ultimate leader of your company, management can appreciate how goal-oriented, responsible, and inspiring leadership is central to running a successful business.
Leadership Development Simulation
Succession Planning Bench

Business Simulations for Succession Planning

It’s time to build your bench! Using a business simulation will build your company’s leaders of tomorrow. Be confident by the time your management is ready to move up. By using a business simulation from Simulation Studios, you’ll know they understand the business, the strategy, and have the necessary business acumen!

Additionally, business training simulations are exciting and will create a waiting list of eager participants who want to build knowhow. Current managers (future leaders) get the opportunity to lead the entire company for the day. This exposes them to challenges leaders face and prepares them for responsibilities to come. Use a custom business simulation to fill your bench with the best.

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