Welcome! Business Acumen for HR/TD
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Business Acumen For HR and TD/LD Managers

This ‘High Energy’ Hands-On Simulation-Based Learning:

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Business Fundamentals and How to Use Them- Being able to speak the language of business is critical. You'll learn business acumen and how to use it.
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Introduction to Data Analytics- Data analytics have become critical to business management. You'll learn about data collection, interpretation, and how to use the information. All with off the shelf tools.
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Become an Innovative Ninja- You’ll learn and practice fundamental innovation methods. Combining your business skills, and hands-on innovation skills is priceless. You’ll learn the how/when/why of innovation.
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Corporate Strategy — Connecting the Dots - Leadership, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Innovation, Competitive Analysis, and Much More: You'll practice all this without a problem.
Sample of what you’ll learn:

There is not enough room to list everything you’ll be exposed to and learn, but here’s a short list.

You’ll Learn How To:
> Develop and execute a business strategy
> Manage data and apply it to real problems
> Manage people, development, and people’s impact on the business
> Brainstorm and create innovations to immediately practice and apply
> Manage profit, loss, cash flow, operations, marketing, product development, and more

Join us for two days of hands-on activities you'll find helpful, engaging, and fun. Become indispensable!

Hope to see you soon!
Note: Space is limited and is on a first come, first served basis. Simulation Development Group, LLC reserves the right to refuse registration for any reason it sees fit.
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HR participants will receive up to 12hrs of SHRM-CP/SCP credits for taking this course!

Upcoming 2017 Workshop Dates

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Hands-On Business Acumen For HR/TD/LD MGRS
March 16, '17
Where: SF Bay Area (TBD) - NOTE: I'f you're able to host ~25 people for a day of training, please let me know!
Cost: $0
** Suspicious of the cost? So would we! This is NOT A SALES PROGRAM! This is our way of giving back to the HR/TD/LD community. And it's local to us so it's easy for us.
Note: Program size is capped at 25. Attendance on a first-come-first-serve basis. Simulation Development Group, LLC reserves the right to refuse entry and/or service for any reason.
Past Simulation Program Snapshots:
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